28. August 2014 | Belgrade

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28. August 2014 | Serbia

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17. July 2013 | Serbian European Integation Office

Štefan Füle visited the European Integration Office

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Public consultation on Strategic Environmental Assessment of cross-border and transnational cooperation programs

The CBC Body is launching the public consultation process on Strategic Environmental Report (SEA) starting from 20th of August till 19th of September 2014.


Opinion Poll on Citizens' Attitudes towards Serbia's European Integration Process

Should a referendum with a question "Do you support Serbia's EU membership?" be conducted tomorrow, 46 percent of Serbian citizens would vote yes, 19 percent would vote against, 20 percent would not vote and 15 percent do not know what they would answer. This is the result of the latest opinion poll "The European Orientation of Serbian Citizens - Trends" conducted by the European Integration Office of the Serbian Government towards the end of June 2014. The opinion poll was conducted in line with the Standard Eurobarometer including 1,015 respondents aged 18 and over.


The Government has adopted the revised National Programme for the Adoption of the Acquis

On its session held yesterday, the Government of Serbia adopted the revised National Programme for the Adoption of the acquis (NPAA), which is a detailed, multiannual plan for the harmonization of Serbian regulations with the EU acquis communautaire, as well as a plan to build the institutions necessary for the implementation of such a harmonized legal order. This programme will be realized by 2018, which is the deadline that has been established for making our country fully prepared for the accession to the European Union.