Serbia's experience in EU negotiations is beneficial to Georgia

30. June 2017. | Belgrade

Serbia's experience in EU negotiations is beneficial to Georgia

Minister of European Integration in the Government of the Republic of Serbia Jadranka Joksimovic spoke today with Ambassador of Georgia Ioseb Nanobashvili on the relations between the two countries and Serbia's European integration, as well as on the reforms that are being implemented in this process.

During the meeting, they also discussed Georgia's relations with the European Union, the situation in the region and other important topics.

Nanobashvili congratulated Joksimovic on her appointment as the Minister of European Integration and wished her success in future work, stating that this ministry will conduct the EU accession process with greater capacity.

Joksimovic informed Ioseb Nanobashvili that Serbia has opened 10 chapters in the process of accession to the EU so far, two of which have been provisionally closed.

She expressed the expectation that, in the second half of the year, when Estonia takes over the presidency of the EU, several more negotiating chapters that we will have prepared will be opened.

The membership in the European Union, as she pointed out, represents the strategic commitment of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, since European integration is the best mechanism for the country's internal development and progress, and that reforms are being implemented in order to improve the standard and the life of its citizens.

Starting from the position that both countries mutually respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the two countries, she expressed her gratitude for Georgia’s consistent and principled attitude of not recognising the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo.

Nanobashvili reiterated his country's adherence to respecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Joksimovic stressed that Serbia, convinced that stability is a prerequisite of development and progress, advocates cooperation in the region, and expressed her belief that others should show an identical approach and, thus, transform the declarative and verbal into concrete actions.

The Ambassador of Georgia praised the reforms that are being conducted in Serbia, assessing that Serbia's experience in the accession process will help Georgia's European path.

Joksimovic and Nanobashvili concluded that the relations of the two countries are friendly and that they provide the basis for strengthening the overall cooperation between Serbia and Georgia, according to a statement from the Ministry of European Integration.



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