The new Cross-border Cooperation Programme Serbia-Macedonia 2016 – 2020 has been adopted

23. November 2016. |

The European Commission has adopted the new Cross-border Cooperation Programme SERBIA-MACEDONIA 2016 − 2020 at the 12th IPA Committee meeting which was held on 17 November in Brussels. The total value of this Programme is over four million euros, of which three and a half million euros were provided through IPA funds of the European Union. The priorities of the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Serbia−Macedonia are the promotion of employment, labour mobility and cross-border social and cultural inclusion, encouraging the development of tourism and preservation of cultural and natural heritage.

In the Republic of Serbia, the Programme covers the territory of Jablanica district (city of Leskovac and the municipalities of Bojnik, Lebane, Medveđa, Vlasotince and Crna Trava) and Pčinja district (city of Vranje with two municipalities - Vranje and Vranjska Banja, and the following municipalities −Vladičin Han, Surdulica, Bosilegrad, Trgovište, Bujanovac and Preševo). In the FRY Macedonia, the Programme covers the following territory: Northwest Region (municipalities of Kratovo, Lipkovo, Kumanovo, Staro Nagoričane, Rankovce and Kriva Palanka), Skopje region (municipalities of Aračinovo, Čučer-Sandevo, Ilinden, Petrovec, Sopište. Studeničani and Zelenikovo) and the municipalities of the city of Skopje (Butel, Gjorče Petrov and Saraj) .

By adopting this Programme, the Republic of Serbia rounds off the process of coordinating the development of local border regions through the European Territorial Cooperation Programmes with all neighbouring countries.

You can download the operational programme here.