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National Hearing on EU Strategy for the Danube Region

19. October 2015. |

Danube Civil-Society Forum and the Office for European Integration of the Republic of Serbia, as the Office of the National Coordinator for the Danube Strategy are organizing the National Hearing on the Danube Strategy for 2015. The National Hearing will be held on October, 20 2015 at 10.00 pm at the Great Hall of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina in Novi Sad.

National Hearing is designed to bring together all stakeholders - participants in the process of implementation of the Danube Strategy, while the National institutions of the Republic of Serbia will present the role of our country in the process, ongoing and already implemented projects, as well as future plans. The goal of National Hearing is to ensure equal opportunities for participation to civil society organizations, local governments, private sector and other potential partners into the implementation EUSDR.

Since the EU Strategy for the Danube region will be financially supported by the Danube transnational program (DTP), additional goal of the National Hearing is to present the modalities of participation for the stakeholders in the DTP and implementation of the Danube strategy.

National Hearing is organized with the support of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina and the Provincial Secretariat for interregional cooperation and local self-government.